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Is Your Commercial Garage Door Ready for Winter?

Commercial garage doors need to be made ready for winter – just like all the other parts of your commercial structure. It’s summer now, but winter will be coming before you know it. Taking steps to prepare your commercial garage door for winter can take some time, so get started today. The following tips will help ensure that your commercial garage door is ready for the cold season to come.

Get a Tune-Up

Garage doors need to be tuned up on a regular basis in order to keep working properly. If your commercial garage door hasn’t gotten a tune-up yet this year, now is the time for it to get one!

Hire a reputable garage door repair person to perform your tune-up. During this important process, your garage door repair person will check the garage door’s functionality, lubricate the joints, check the wires and connections, balance the garage door, test the safety functions, and more.


Weatherstripping can help save energy in your commercial garage. You can either do this work yourself or have the garage door repair person do this for you when they come to perform the tune-up.

If your garage door is already weather-stripped, check the weatherstripping for cracks and areas where it may have deteriorated. If the weatherstripping is too old, it may be time to install new.

Check the Safety Features

Is your garage door safe? You can find out by testing its safety features. If you’re getting a tune-up, your repair person will do this for you. If you’re not getting a tune-up this winter (maybe because you already got a tune-up earlier in the year), then you should do this yourself, to avoid accidents.

We wrote recently about the process for testing your commercial garage door safety features, and how to use your commercial garage door safely. Check it out to read more about testing the photoelectric eye and other processes.

Replace if Needed

Commercial garage doors can last between 15 and 30 years. If your commercial garage door needs to be replaced, get it done before winter comes. Not sure if replacement is necessary?

Talk to your garage door dealer/installer to get a quote and find out whether your garage door needs replacement. Your dealer/installer can assess the condition of your door, make recommendations for repair if it’s needed, and if a replacement is warranted, your garage door dealer can give you a quote.

Schedule an Appointment for Commercial Garage Door Tune-Up

Stay ahead of the game – start getting ready for winter now. Call today to make an appointment for a commercial garage door tune-up with Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City.

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