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Keep Your Attached Garage Warm this Winter!

‘Tis the season for cold weather! Attached garages get chilly this time of year. Keeping the interior temperature of your garage warm prevents cold air from entering the house while making the garage a comfortable place to work.

There are lots of ways to keep your garage warm. Installing a heater, insulating the space, and installing weatherstripping are all very effective ways of trapping heat in your garage. Here’s what you need to know.

Install a Heater

Many attached garages don’t have ducts, so they get no benefit from the home’s furnace. Fortunately, you have a multitude of choices when picking a heater. Forced air heaters are compact, relatively inexpensive, and easy for homeowners to install. Convection heaters sit on the floor and operate passively. Both heaters will warm a garage, though homeowners with large garages will need to plan ahead and buy heaters large enough to significantly warm their spaces.

Insulate the Walls

Many unfinished garages lack wall insulation, which makes a big difference when the temperature outside starts to drop. Adding wall insulation is easy and can be done by a homeowner or contractor. To add insulation, unroll batts between studs and staple them into place. When you’re done, achieve a finished look by installing drywall over the batts.

Wall insulation a must if you’re going to also install a heater. Without wall insulation, your garage will leak air and heating it will become far more expensive.


Weatherstripping is a simple tool to prevent air from leaking into or out of the house. Weatherstripping is often easy to install, sometimes without any tools. Measure the gaps between doors and walls before purchasing weatherstripping, and measure lengths as well.

Some weatherstripping will come off one year to the next, so unless the products you purchase are of high quality, plan to replace your weatherstripping on an annual basis. After weatherstripping, you should stop feeling drafts and cold spots in your garage. If you don’t, then you should double check to ensure it was installed correctly.

Install an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated, roll-up garage doors keep heat in while preventing cold from entering. When choosing a door, look for models that offer insulated glass in the windows as well as other types of garage door insulation. Your garage door contractor can help you pick a door that will keep your home warm and your car protected from the elements, so contact your contractor to get started today.

At Overhead Door, we help our customers maintain attractive, functional garages. If you’re looking for a garage door contractor, call Overhead Door today.

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