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4 Ways To Keep Your Commercial Garage Safe This Winter

Nothing is more important for your business than maintaining a safe property. Your commercial garage can be a source of on-the-job accidents if you’re not careful to maintain your garage and keep it safe. There are many things you can do to protect your customers and your staff – especially in winter when low temperatures and ice can create a variety of safety hazards. The following maintenance tasks can help you keep your commercial garage safe this winter.

1. Clear Driveway of Ice

Keep your driveway clear of ice.

  • Keep gutters clean to avoid water spills and gutter leaks that could leave puddles of water on the driveway overnight.
  • Use de-icing agents on your driveway when low temperatures are forecasted. You can purchase de-icing products from hardware stores, through online venues, and through commercial suppliers.
  • Shovel your driveway to remove snow as soon as it falls. Do not allow snow to build up on your drive – shovel early and often!

Sometimes ice develops on your driveway despite repeated efforts to keep it off. If this happens, consider roping off the driveway to prevent anyone from walking on the ice. While you could alternatively spread sand over the ice to provide traction, slips and falls can still occur, which could put your customers, staff, and business at risk.

2. Insulate to Control Temperature

Low temperatures inside your garage could potentially lead to problems with chemicals that are stored within and can create an uncomfortable environment for people. Insulating your garage to control the temperature inside can prevent these problems.

The steps to insulate your garage depends on the current condition of the building.

  • Insulate and finish the walls. Hire a contractor to have this work done. While you might be able to do it yourself, it’s best to work with a pro.
  • Install an insulated garage door. Don’t task this to your maintenance staff – work with a garage installation professional to have this work done properly.
  • Weatherstrip your garage. You can have someone from your staff do this work, or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

3. Check Garage Door Safety Features

All modern garage doors, including commercial garage doors, come with safety features. These features protect staff and clients from a potentially dangerous accident. To test your garage door safety features:

  • Try closing your garage door on an object, like a 2×4.
  • Wave a broom or another stick in the path of your closing garage door.

The garage door should reverse course in both scenarios. If it doesn’t, your garage door safety features need inspection and possible repair.

4. Keep Your Garage Safe with a Garage Door Tune-Up

Get a garage door tune-up to correct any safety issues that your garage door might be experiencing. You should have your garage door tuned up at least once annually to reduce the risk of accidents and potential breakdowns. Contact the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to make your appointment.

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