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Maintenance Vs. Beauty: Are Wooden Garage Doors Right for You?

You’re thinking of replacing your garage door. You’re hoping for something warm, beautiful, and timeless. You’re considering wood, but you’re not sure. Maybe you’re worried about the maintenance of wood. You need more information. Knowing your options and how much maintenance wood doors really need can help you decide which type of doors are right for you.

Benefits of Wooden Garage Doors

Steel, fiberglass, and vinyl doors have dominated the market for decades. Now wood is making a come-back, primarily among homeowners seeking an alternative material that attracts attention and makes a statement. Here’s what they love most about wooden garage doors:

  • Unparalleled beauty. Wooden garage doors are gorgeous! Available in different wood grains and different shades of stain, wooden doors have a look and feel all their own.
  • All-natural material. Many homeowners are attracted to wooden garage doors simply because they are made from a natural, renewable, sustainable resource.
  • High value. Wooden garage doors, because they are unique, attractive, and durable, are high-value to home buyers. Installing wooden garage doors increases curb appeal and if well-maintained, wooden garage doors can make your home just a little bit easier to sell.
  • Long-lasting. With proper maintenance, wood lasts for decades. Keep up your wooden garage doors, and they’ll last a long time.

Maintenance Requirements: What You Should Know

Wood needs regular maintenance in order to stay beautiful and structurally sound. If you install this type of garage door in your home, here’s what you’ll need to do to keep them looking their best:

  • Inspect your doors regularly for signs of peeling sealer or paint.
  • Repaint or re-stain your doors periodically. How often this needs to happen depends on the quality of the stain or paint that you use.
  • Keep gutters around your garage clean to prevent water from pooling or draining around the door.

Wood Look-Alike Options Are Available

Maybe you want the look fo wood without the maintenance. Overhead Garage Door of Oklahoma City’s fiberglass doors look like wood, but they’re made from low-maintenance, beautiful fiberglass. Thermacore doors also have the look of wood without the maintenance. Your garage door contractor can recommend a specific product that matches your tastes and also meets your needs.

Contact Your Garage Door Contractor

Wooden garage doors are beautiful and durable, but they also need regular maintenance in order to stay looking their best. As a homeowner, you have many options. Overhead Door of Oklahoma City can help you decide which type of garage door is the right choice for your home. Call today to make an appointment!

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