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Make Energy Efficient Garage Lighting a Reality

There’s no reason your garage shouldn’t be as up-to-date, innovative and energy-efficient as the rest of your home. The good news is that it is possible and won’t cost you a fortune. By making your garage “smarter,” you’ll accrue additional benefits in terms of safe, efficient and cost-effective convenience.

With options available today for lighting and electrical innovation, there is little reason to make do with a garage that does not have the modern conveniences.

Automated and Sensor-based Lighting

Both indoors and out, it makes sense to install garage lighting that is motion-activated or sensor-controlled to provide illumination where and when it is needed. Not only for convenience, but for safety. You should consider the following:

  • Exterior lights that automatically go on when a vehicle (or a person) approaches;
  • Lighting that can be controlled by smart-phone app, or by an interior keypad;
  • Door-activated garage lighting from the home’s interior;
  • Overhead lighting as well as task lighting, depending on how you use your garage;
  • An automatic garage door opener with integrated lighting;
  • LED lighting that features long-lasting low-energy consumption bulbs.

Modernizing the Garage for Practical Use

The garage has sometimes been coined as the “final frontier” in home design. Today, there is no reason that a garage should resemble a dated, cluttered warehouse. With just a little planning, the garage can provide storage and work space, be functional, safe and energy-efficient, provide ample parking space and become another attractive “room” of the house.

Recessed lights can provide better, more reliable overall lighting than traditional fluorescent strips, plus they’re better looking too. It’s easy to specify modern lights if you’re building new, but remodel options are readily available also.

In addition, if you use your garage for projects, vehicle maintenance, or even just for storage, consider specialized task lighting to shed light in the right places. If you have a serious home workshop, or a need for portable lights and power tools, confirm that the electric service and receptacle placement will meet those needs.

Bring the Garage into the 21st Century

While lighting and light fixtures are the basic requirements for a functional garage, you’ll also want to make your space attractive and useful. Technology has changed the way we all live, and there’s no reason that you can’t bring that same technology to the garage.

Consider your future needs for a home vehicle charging station, docking stations to accommodate robotic home helpers, wireless (or hard-wired) sensors for air quality, heat and fire, water leak sensors, security cameras and other detectors and transmitters; even music and entertainment options.

This is a new century of innovation; remote-controlled garage door openers are just the tip of the iceberg! But for all your garage-door needs, be sure to think of Overhead Door. No matter what direction you move, we’ll be right with you.

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