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Modern wooden garage door ideas

A garage door can represent as much as one-third of the home facade. Replacing an old or outdated garage door with an upscale modern garage door can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal — and more than pay for itself when you go to sell your home. By replacing an outdated garage door with a modern, upscale wooden door, homeowners will expect to earn a 90.1 percent return on investment when they sell their home. Get inspired by wooden garage doors with modern appeal.

Slab Wooden Garage Doors 

Slab doors are the ultimate in minimalism, keeping the focus on architectural details of the home instead of on the garage door. Rather than roll up accordion style, like most garage doors, slab doors fold up in a single panel. They require a special opener. To pull off a slab door for contemporary homes, look for one in an elegant wood where the wood grain color and texture have visual appeal.

Craftsman Style Wooden Garage Doors

Craftsman style wooden garage doors work well for both historic and contemporary homes, which makes them a good choice for homeowners who enjoy the durability of wood and the aesthetics of the Craftsman style. Craftsman garage doors usually have small windows at the top of the door, which lets in light and brightens up the interior of the garage. These doors take stain and paint well so you can customize the look and feel of your modern wooden garage door.

Offset Window Wooden Garage Doors 

For a modern home, an offset window garage door can add that element of whimsy that ties the garage door to the rest of the house. In this style of door, window panels are sprinkled throughout the wood in an asymmetrical or offset style. This type of garage door lets in a lot of light while preserving your privacy. Since windows are minimal, this style of wooden garage door keeps the focus on the clean lines of the door and the classic texture of the wood.

Midcentury Glass and Wooden Garage Doors

For a midcentury home, a midcentury garage door makes sense. One style to consider with the midcentury appeal is a wood garage door that includes frosted glass paneling. The clean aesthetic of wood and frosted glass keeps the focus on the simple lines and geometric shapes, while the door will blend in with the home’s overall look and feel. We like frosted glass since it lets light pass into the garage while maintaining the sense of privacy when you’re inside the garage. Frosted glass can also improve your home’s safety by obscuring any valuables kept inside the garage, thus deterring would-be thieves.

The Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ is here to help with every stage of your wooden garage door installation, from comparing garage door types to installing your new garage door and keeping it in great shape with routine maintenance. Contact us today to talk about wood garage door solutions.

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