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Must-Have Garage Door Accessories for Today’s Homeowner

Garage door accessories go far beyond the trusty automatic garage door opener. They are a welcome necessity for those busy days when you need to get into the garage quickly and unpack the car before moving on to the next task. An automatic garage door opener also helps keep you safe in the dark and protected from inclement weather.

Four Must-Have Garage Door Accessories for Your Busy Life

The automatic garage door opener is just one piece of the puzzle though. The following four garage door accessories will help make your busy life move more smoothly.

Door Remote

There is a door remote that meets your specific needs. With the Door Report Remote, for example, you’ll have visual and audio confirmation that the garage door is closed.

Have a household full of busy drivers? The Master Remote can communicate with up to three garage door openers and is compatible with all garage door openers manufactured by Overhead Door since 1993. You’ll need the Overhead Door Network Adapter as well with this remote.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your remote close at hand, consider the two-button remote from Overhead Door. In addition to working with up to two garage door openers that are CodeDodger compatible, this unit includes a convenient lanyard and a powerful LED flashlight.

OHD Anywhere App

The OHD Anywhere app gives you a bird’s eye view into the happenings with your garage door. You’ll know when it’s been opened, you’ll be able to give others access to your garage and more — all from the convenience of your compatible phone.

Wireless Keypad

Want to make the journey from your garage to your home even easier? Then the Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad is the answer. With the capability to work with up to three garage door openers from Overhead Door, this wireless keypad eliminates the need for keys and remote controllers.

Wall Console

Wall consoles, as a whole, are designed to provide you with better control over your garage door opener as well as increased security. Overhead Door offers distinct options and features to suit your lifestyle. With the Advanced Wall Console, you’ll have access to the performance status of the garage door, as well as lighting options and more.

The two-button wall console facilitates easy operations of your garage door with its large push buttons and streamlined design. Using this simple interface, you can also adjust the opener’s lights.

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