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Need New Garage Door Installation? 4 Steps to Get Started

Older garage doors don’t perform as well as newer models. If your garage door is older and in need of replacement, get started today! The steps to new garage door installation aren’t as cumbersome or complicated as you might imagine. Below are the four steps we recommend for getting a new garage door installed as soon as possible.

1. Know Your Options

Garage door styles have changed a lot in the last several years. Study the options available to decide which type is best for your home. Modern garage door styles include:

  • Ultra-modern fogged glass and aluminum frame.
  • Carriage style garage door with multi-paned windows.
  • Wooden sectional doors with decorative hinges.

2. Research Garage Door Installers

Find out which garage door installers are available in your area. Look for a long-standing business with a good reputation.

  • Get references from people you trust who have recently installed or repaired their garage door.
  • Browse websites for local garage door contractors, prioritizing companies with a professional and informative website.
  • Contact installers and evaluate them for good customer service and responsiveness.

3. Get Quotes

Meet with multiple contractors to get quotes and compare bids. Evaluate your experience with each business. Some contractors offer a more streamlined process and have more polished customer service practices.

Prices may vary from one installer to the next. The best installer is not always the cheapest. In fact, unusually low prices could be a red flag. Compare products and warranties before deciding on a contractor. Don’t settle for less just to save money. Buy a garage door that will improve your property value and add to your home’s curb appeal.

4. Check References and Sign a Contract

Before hiring a contractor, check references to be sure that other homeowners have had a good experience with that contractor. Sign the contract to get on your garage door installer’s schedule. At the height of the summer, some contractors can be busy. If you’re in a hurry, get started as soon as possible.

Need Garage Door Installation? Contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

A new garage door installation can improve your property value, improve security in your garage, and make your home more attractive. To get started with a garage door installation, contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City for a consultation and a quote.

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