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Own A Narrow Garage? How You Can Make It Work

A narrow garage can be a pain. Narrow garages are harder to get into and out of without damaging your car – they also provide less storage space. However, for some homeowners, a narrow garage is the only option – especially in urban areas where space is limited. If you happen to have a narrow garage, there are many things you can do to make it easier to navigate and easier to use for storage. Here’s what you need to know.

Install Parking Aids

Parking aids are devices that can help guide you into the garage without touching or scraping the sides of your garage door. They’re available commercially in the form of little signs, ultrasonic devices, and bumpers that you can attach to the ground. Some people even make their own parking aids by attaching a paintbrush to the garage door frame – if you hit the paintbrush, you know you’re too close to the edge. Use the parking aids that work best for you.

Back Into Your Parking Spot

This might come as a surprise, but backing into a narrow parking spot is often much easier than pulling into a parking spot driving forward. As you’re backing in, use your side mirrors to straighten the vehicle and avoid the edges of your garage.

Widen Your Garage

If you have a large property and a disproportionately narrow garage, hire a contractor to widen your garage and make it easier to navigate. Remodeling can improve your garage’s value and make using the garage much easier. If you do remodel, you’ll need to install a new garage door. Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City sells garage doors for every style of home. You can find our selection of residential doors online.

Clean the Space

It’s much harder to tell if you’re safe to pull in if your garage is full of clutter. Keep a clean and organized space by removing clutter. Install garage organizers to make more space for what you do need to keep in the garage. Whether those organizers are floating shelves or cabinets, or a loft area, keep the organizers off the ground and away from the area where vehicles will pull in.

Install Better Lighting

Poor lighting is a problem when you’re trying to pull your car into a narrow space. Work with an electrician to install bright overhead lighting in your garage. If you’re remodeling your garage, this is also an excellent opportunity to install more windows to allow more daylight into your garage.

Remodeling Your Narrow Garage? Contact Overhead Door Company

It’s no fun owning a narrow garage. If you’re remodeling to make your garage wider, contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to make an appointment to discuss your upcoming garage remodel.

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