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Pests in the Garage? How to Fight Infestation with Garage Maintenance

Garage pests can be a problem at this time of year! When the weather gets cold, mice and insects start to look for comfortable, safe accommodations to spend the winter. For a little mouse seeking a warm, dry shelter, your garage is the perfect place to spend a few months. Garage pests can be a problem, especially if your garage is attached to your home.

It’s best to get this problem under control now before your garage pests become permanent residents of your property. In addition to hiring a pest control company (which is always a good idea when you’re fighting an active infestation), you can ward off garage pests by performing normal garage maintenance tasks. By sealing your garage door and closing off points of entry into your garage, you can help keep pests away. You can also make your garage less hospitable to pests by eliminating hiding places and removing food sources. These tips can help.

Install or Replace Weatherstripping

Your garage door should have weatherstripping that prevents water leaks and airflow from penetrating your garage. Usually, the weatherstripping is nailed to the garage door frame on the outside. Your weatherstripping should be nearly flush with your garage door.

You should also have weather stripping around the windows and pedestrian doors of your garage to create a seal that prevents insects like spiders from entering. This type of weatherstripping can be purchased at your local home improvement store and can be installed as a DIY project.

Replace Gasket Under Garage Door

There’s one more seal you should be aware of on your garage door: the rubbery gasket that fits under the door, between the door and the garage threshold. This gasket fills the spaces between your door and the ground so that if the floor is uneven, no rodent or insect will be able to find their way in.

The gasket needs to be replaced when it gets old enough that the rubber starts to crack or lose its flexibility. You can replace this rubber strip yourself. Raise the garage door to just below eye-level, then slide out the old rubber gasket from the side. Slide the new gasket in from the side and cut it down once it’s in place.

Clean Your Garage

Clutter in your garage (like rags and even seasonal outfits) can easily become material for rodent and insect nests, and some clutter can even be a source of food. Cleaning your garage to remove clutter is one way to make your garage less hospitable for undesirable insects and animals. During the garage cleanup, get rid of the things you haven’t used in a long time, and organize what’s left. If possible, keep all items sealed in plastic containers.

Get rid of cardboard boxes, which rodents can chew through. Keep clutter up off the floor.

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