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Popular Flooring Ideas for Garage Floors

Most garage floor plans stick with a simple concrete floor. While that’s functional, it’s not the most attractive option. Learn what types of flooring works well in this common work and storage space, then get inspired to upgrade your garage flooring today.

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is budget-friendly and low-maintenance. Roll-out vinyl flooring is easy to install and covers cracks, stains and other unsightly damage to your garage floor. To install, simply roll out a sheet of vinyl flooring and trim away the excess.

Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles allow you to mix and match colors to create a fun pattern on your garage floor. These are simple to install on your own and stick best over a clean garage floor. Peel-and-stick tiles are easier to replace than vinyl flooring when damage occurs. Simply remove the damaged tile and place down a new one.


If you’re looking for a fast and inexpensive way to update the garage floor, paint works well. Choose latex paint intended for use on concrete floors. While paint can peel with heavy use, this is an easy way to update a garage before selling your home.

Concrete Stain 

Concrete stain lets you change the color of your garage floor. Stain lasts longer than paint because it penetrates into the concrete (instead of sitting on top of it). Concrete stain for the garage floor comes in two types: water or acrylic base. A water-based concrete stain creates a mottled, almost water color effect that many people enjoy. Acrylic stains have less variation in color for a more uniform look and feel.

Concrete stain works best on clean and stain-free garage floors because garage floor stains can show through the finish. This is another good option when you’re updating before a sale.


Epoxy goes on like paint, but it contains a special hardener that makes it more durable than other types of garage flooring. While an epoxy finish can be installed on your own, there are a lot of preparatory steps, so many homeowners hire out for this task. Before you epoxy, you will need to patch cracks in your floor, clean the floor and etch it so the epoxy adheres. Then you’ll need to mix up the epoxy solution, add in color chips and apply before the solution sets (usually two hours).

Concrete Sealant

Concrete sealant won’t change the color of your concrete floor, but it will provide protection from oil, water and other staining substances. A garage floor sealant seeps into the top 1/8-inch of garage flooring. Concrete sealant can last for 10 years, which makes it a good pick for longevity. However, a sealant won’t change the color of your garage floor, so if you’re looking to alter the look and feel of your garage, this isn’t the best method.

By updating your garage flooring with any of these ideas, you’ll protect the garage floor and increase your home’s value. Contact The Overhead Door of Oklahoma City to assist in planning your garage floor plan.

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