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Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather with a Wind and Impact-Resistant Garage Door

When inclement weather hits, your garage doors provide your family and belongings safety against the elements. But when extreme weather rolls into town, what protects your garage doors? In order to come out undamaged after a heavy storm, the strength and durability of your garage door and its garage door wind protection ability is essential. If you don’t consider your garage door’s impact resistance and wind resistance, it could result in thousands of dollars of damage to your home when extreme weather is in the forecast. Garage doors are rated based on their ability to withstand impact and various wind speeds.  Here’s a quick guide to help you understand how a wind and impact-resistant garage door can protect your home.

Garage Door Wind Load

The majority of monetary damage to a home in the event of a tornado is attributed to garage doors. If your garage doors fail, your roof will likely also be damaged, causing the damage to your home to be more severe. If you don’t have adequate garage door wind and impact resistant measures in place, it could result in thousands of dollars of repairs to your home. Additionally, installing garage doors that can handle severe wind loads can reduce your insurance premiums by as much as 30 percent.

Garage Door Wind Code Ratings

Many areas in Oklahoma have a specific garage door wind code for buildings. Manufacturers rate their garage doors as Impact Rated and/or Wind Rated to provide protection against storms.

  • Wind ratings vary. Your specific garage door wind requirements could range from 130 to 160 miles per hour winds and up.
  • Impact ratings are a separate rating based on testing for a large-missile impact. For example, if a 2×4 was shot out of a cannon at your garage door three times, it will still be operable and won’t have any holes larger than three inches in diameter.

Extreme Weather Precautions

When you’re dealing with extreme-wind storms such as blizzards and tornados, it’s important to have an impact-resistant garage door, but a tornado-proof door offers even more protection. When your garage door is compromised, water can get in, and just one inch of rain can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. To ensure your home is protected, be sure to:

  • Check Oklahoma City building codes for specific wind resistance requirements. Your garage doors will likely have to be able to withstand high winds of 130 miles per hour or more.
  • Install either an impact-resistant or tornado-proof garage door. Impact resistant garage doors are designed to resist strong winds that hurl objects at them.
  • Install a garage door wind brace. Regardless of what kind of garage door you have, a wind brace offers extra protection. If you are handy, you can install a bracing kit made for your specific garage door. If you aren’t the DIY type, call in a professional to install it for you.

Normal Weather Precautions

Even if you don’t frequently experience blizzards or tornados, it is likely that you’ll see the occasional thunderstorm. Even these storms are often strong enough to cause wind damage, so keep that in mind when you’re purchasing your new garage door. An additional perk to wind-resistant garage doors is that they provide energy savings by keeping cold winter air out of your home. To learn more about the products and services we provide in the Oklahoma City area, contact us here, or at 405-685-2200 or 405-685-2234 for emergency service.

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