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Your Rolling Steel Commercial Garage Door Is Showing Its Age? What You Can Do

Rolling steel commercial garage doors don’t last forever, but they last a lot longer if they’re properly maintained. These garage doors need to be regularly cleaned, inspected, and tuned up in order to keep working right and looking their best. As a commercial property owner, you can maintain the value of your property by maintaining your rolling steel commercial garage doors. Here’s what the experts suggest.

Clean the Door

Clean your commercial garage door periodically to remove grit, grime, salt from the road, and dirt that might hold moisture against the door’s surface. To clean the door, use a gentle detergent, warm water, a long-handled scrub brush, and a strong jet of water from a hose. It’s important to keep your business looking its best, so do this twice annually.

Perform an Inspection

Perform routine inspections of your garage door to look for loose screws, corrosion, or rust. Listen for loud noises. If your rolling steel commercial garage door is displaying any signs of trouble, including limited functionality or trouble with the safety features, contact a qualified repair person as soon as possible.

Get a Tune-Up

Get an annual tune-up from Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. During the tune-up, we’ll inspect the door and the automatic garage door opener for damage, necessary repairs, and more. We’ll tighten bolts and screws, lubricate moving parts, check the photoelectric eye, and calibrate the safety systems to ensure your garage door will continue to perform throughout the year.

Get Repairs

Commercial garage doors can last for up to 30 years, but toward the end of their service life, your rolling steel commercial garage door may need repairs. If your garage door repair person recommended repairs when they came for their tune-up, or if you noticed a problem with your garage door when you performed the inspection, get the repairs done as soon as possible.

Your business relies on your commercial garage doors, so don’t delay. Schedule your repair today.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Rolling Steel Commercial Garage Door

Is your rolling steel garage door nearing the end of its service life? Your garage repair person from Overhead Door Company will be able to tell you when your garage door is better off replaced than repaired. Continuing to repair a garage door that has reached the end of its service life wastes money and also puts your business at risk.

For more information about whether it’s time to replace your rolling steel commercial garage door, contact the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. As your commercial garage door repair experts in Oklahoma City, we can assess the condition of your garage door and make recommendations for repair as needed. Call today.

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