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Running a Business Out of Your Garage? 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Your garage can be the perfect place to run a business – as long as it’s in good condition. Many garages are chilly in the winter, hot in the summer, and dusty. Making upgrades can help. By replacing your garage door, finishing the space and by making changes like upgrading your garage’s electrical service, you can turn your garage into the perfect place to meet with clients, work hard at a desk, manufacture a product, and more.

1. Install an Insulated Door

If your garage is an uncomfortable temperature throughout the year, lack of insulation could be part of the problem. Old garage doors are rarely insulated, while new garage doors are specifically made to help homeowners control the temperature in their garage.

Have your garage door evaluated by an installer. Find out how much insulation your current garage door provides, and whether you could benefit from installation of a new model. Once the door is installed, have weatherstripping installed to help prevent air leaks around the door.

2. Finish and Beautify the Inside

It’s not enough to install a weatherstripped garage door. If your garage isn’t finished, then you won’t get as much benefit from the insulated garage door. You’ll need the walls to be finished as well.

Work with a contractor to get this done, as insulation can be more complicated than you think. Have the walls painted as well, to a color that you find soothing and appealing. After all, you’ll be working in the garage on a daily basis. You should find the environment soothing!

3. Tune Up the Garage Door Opener

Is your garage door opener currently operational? Is it buggy and difficult to use? If it’s not working, you need to tune up your garage door opener. Opening your garage door on warm summer days will allow a breeze into your garage, making the space more comfortable overall. In spring and fall, you’ll love having the ability to open your garage door, so you can see your yard and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

4. Upgrade the Electrical Service

If your garage is older, then you may not get enough electrical service there to power all your modern devices. Have your garage electrical service evaluated by an electrician. Find out whether you need additional or supplemental electrical service to keep your business running. If you do, make the change!

5. Install Modular Organization System

Don’t let your garage become cluttered with all your business tools, files, and other items. Install a modular organization system where you can store what you need and access it easily. Not sure what kind of organizational system is best for you? Consider a lofted storage area, custom shelves, and modular storage bins.

Upgrade Your Garage With Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

The professionals at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City are happy to help you upgrade your garage and turn it into the perfect business space. Ask us about our Thermacore Insulated doors!

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