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Should You Buy an Insulated Garage Door?

Is your garage comfortable in the summer? In winter? Have you ever wished you could make your garage a more comfortable and energy-efficient space? You can! One of the first steps is to install an insulated garage door, which can prevent drafts and air leaks at times of the year when temperatures outside are the most extreme. Not everyone needs an insulated garage door, but if you enjoy doing activities in your garage or need space for a workshop, an insulated garage door can make that possible.

Insulated Garage Door Benefits

Insulated garage doors are so practical that some homeowners have to ask, why wouldn’t you install this kind of door?

  • Your garage stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Your garage becomes a more useable space.
  • Insulated garage doors can help reduce stress on your home’s HVAC system if your garage is attached to your house.
  • A good quality insulated garage door can be attractive to home buyers when you try to sell.

Who Needs an Insulated Garage Door Most

Not everyone sees the need to install an ultra-insulated, thermal-core door. The people who most benefit from this type of garage door include people who need to protect something in their garage from extreme heat or extreme cold and people who need to use their garage space for specific activities.

For example:

You recently converted your garage into a home office. Are you using your garage like an office space? If so, you’re going to be cold in there when winter comes. Installing an insulated garage door can help keep the temperature in your garage comfortable while you work all day.

You like to work on your cars all year round. If you enjoy working on your car, then your garage needs to be a comfortable temperature to spend time. An insulated garage door can help make your garage a place where it’s possible to work on your car no matter what time of year.

You use your garage to store temperature-sensitive items like chemicals or technology. A garage that swings between temperature extremes can do damage to your sensitive devices and garden chemicals. Installing insulation and an insulated garage door can protect these items and keep them safe.

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