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Signs Garage Door Springs are Failing

Failing garage door springs can become a safety issue: if the springs break, the garage door can slam shut. In a worst-case scenario, this could happen as you are exiting the garage, leading to serious injuries or a major bill for auto body repair. Learn the warning signs that your garage door springs could be nearing the end of their life, so you can stay safe.

Garage Door Slams Shut 

When you use your garage door opener, the door should open and close slowly. As the garage springs wear out, the door can crash to the ground because the springs aren’t carrying the weight the way they should be.

Garage Door Opens Partially or Crookedly

When all aspects of the garage door system are in good condition, the garage door will open fully and evenly with every click of the button.
When the springs wear out, the garage door may open crookedly, which is a warning sign one of the springs may fail. Have the spring fixed before the door becomes stuck in its track.

If the springs are near the end of their life and the garage door opener has the opener force safety mechanism, the opener may only raise the door a few inches from the ground. This can mean your vehicle is trapped in the garage, where you can’t free it. However, that’s a better problem to have than a garage door falling on your car due to broken springs.

Springs Appear Stretched or Rusted 

Garage door springs should be tight, free of corrosion, and in good condition when you look at them.

A healthy garage spring is able to stretch significantly, yet returns to its compact shape. If the spring stays stretched or looks like it has a gap of a couple inches in the middle, it could be in danger of failing.

If you notice your garage door springs have started to rust or stretched out over time, consider replacing the springs to keep your garage door in good working order.

Garage Door Cables are Loose

If the garage door cables look loose, it could be an issue with the springs. When the springs are in good condition, the cable should be tight. Springs that have worn out or loosened over time can cause the cables to be loose, too.

Noisy Garage Door 

Noise coming from the springs indicates wear and tear. When the springs are in good condition, the door will operate quietly. When springs need attention, you will hear creaking, squealing, or groaning sounds.

If you hear a pop or snap, it could be one of the garage door springs breaking. In this circumstance, get a technician out right away, as any remaining springs are overloaded with weight.

At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™, we’re here for you whether there’s an emergency with your garage door or if you need preventative maintenance to deter garage springs from breaking. Reach out now to speak with a trusted technician about your needs, contact us today.

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