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Guests Coming for Thanksgiving? Ways To Dress Up Your Garage

Garages are a prominent part of most homes, so the appearance of the garage affects the appearance of the rest of the house. If your garage is poorly maintained, this can affect the appearance of your entire house.

It’s important for your home to look its best when guests come to visit for holidays like Thanksgiving. The following tips can make your garage look more attractive and can help you get your garage in the spirit of the season.

Clean the Garage Exterior

Clean your garage exterior by spraying it down with a strong jet of water from a hose. Then, scrub the surface of the garage with a scrub brush and soapy water. Scrub hard at dirty spots.

If you need to clean your garage door with bleach, use oxygenated bleach instead of chlorine bleach, as this will be less damaging to nearby landscaping. When you’re finished scrubbing, spray your garage again with a strong jet of water from a hose to rinse.

wreath with red bow tie hung next to garage door

Decorate With A Wreath

Hang a wreath on your garage. To avoid doing damage to your garage door, place a hook on the frame above the garage door, then dangle the wreath from a rope on the frame, rather than trying to insert a nail into your garage door.

Note that if you decorate your garage door with a wreath, you likely won’t be able to open your garage door. If you use your door regularly, consider hanging holiday lights instead.

Hang Holiday Lights

Hang holiday lights around the frame rather than on the door itself. To do this, attach clips to your garage door frame, rather than trying to insert nails into the wood.

Clean Garage Gutters

Clogged gutters around your garage can cause water to overflow around your garage door every time it rains. For appearances and to maintain the proper function of your garage, clean the gutters before your company arrives.

To clean your gutters, get on a ladder with a bucket and a small hand shovel to remove the debris. If you can’t do this safely, hire a gutter cleaner to get the job done for you.

Clear Debris from Area Around Garage

Clear any debris around your garage, including any dead plants or landscaping debris that may be in the gardening beds leftover from the summer. You may need to pull weeds and then haul away the landscaping debris. When you’re finished, sweep the driveway and pathways, and get rid of the debris in a trash bin.

Contact Your Garage Door Repair Person

Are you trying to dress up your garage before the guests arrive? Get your garage door in good repair! Contact the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. Call today to make an appointment for a tune-up or repair.

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