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The Benefits of High Speed Fabric Doors

First introduced as a mainstream mechanical industrial door option in the early 1980s, the fabric roll-up door was originally met with mixed reviews due to their considerable maintenance requirements and limited applications. Today, however, fabric roll-up doors have evolved with other forms of mechanical doors to offer extremely fast opening and closing times, rugged durability, flexible use and low maintenance demands.

Like all state-of-the-art high-speed doors, fabric roll-up doors offer rapid action and secure closure that can lower heating and cooling bills by preventing the free flow of air. A modern high-speed door can also improve overall company productivity. Instead of waiting for an out-of-date door to slowly open and close, workers are free to attend to other, more important and productive tasks. High-speed fabric roll-up doors are also capable of absorbing impacts from lift truck traffic without the need to re-feed the curtain post-collision, which eliminates a significant burden on overworked maintenance personnel.

Unlike their early predecessors, the high-speed fabric roll-up doors today are composed of technologically advanced fabric that can withstand hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of opening and closing cycles with little to no maintenance. Even in the most active of workplace environments, this translates to overall door lifespans that can range from 10 to 20 years.

A high-speed roll-up fabric door is a great option for any company that finds itself spending too much money on door replacement, repair and maintenance. If you have a mechanical door that is generally failing to function properly, a fabric door is definitely something to consider.

High-speed fabric roll-up doors are also ideal for any plant or facility that needs to keep internal areas protected from unwanted weather conditions and/or free of environmental contaminants. Nearly any organization can benefit from the insulating and energy-efficient capabilities of these doors.

Due to the significant heating and cooling savings, companies that switch to a high-speed roll-up fabric door can easily recoup the cost of this investment within six months. Add the bottom-line value of boosted productivity and reduced maintenance cost and the decision becomes even easier.

Still wondering if a high-speed fabric roll-up door is right for you? For more information, contact one of the highly knowledgeable professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™. Someone is standing by to answer your all your high-speed fabric roll-up door questions and help you find the perfect door to fit your style, your budget and your needs.

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