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The Everything Guide to Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors make up a small but growing segment of the garage door market. Knowing the benefits of fiberglass garage doors, as well as the shortcomings, can help you decide whether this type of garage door is right for you.


Fiberglass looks a lot like many other types of garage door materials. It can be given texture to look like wood, or can be completely smooth. It comes in a variety of colors and can be matched to nearly all homes and home exteriors. For homeowners seeking a flexible and attractive garage door type, fiberglass may be the perfect material.


There are many benefits to owning fiberglass garage doors.

  • Reduced wear and tear on the garage door opener. Fiberglass is so lightweight that it’s easy to lift, resulting in less burden on the automatic garage door opener. This can prolong the life of the opener.
  • Easy to paint. Fiberglass is easy to paint, so it can change colors as the house changes colors. This provides homeowners with ultimate flexibility in home design.
  • Very durable in coastal areas, less durable in cold weather climates. Some garage door materials can deteriorate in salty coastal air. Fiberglass is durable and resistant to salt water corrosion. However, fiberglass can crack in very cold environments. In other words, it’s more appropriate in some areas, and less appropriate in others.
  • Insulated. Most fiberglass garage doors are insulated, which helps control the temperature in the garage. For homeowners with attached garages, this can help keep heating and cooling costs down, by reducing drafts between the garage and house.


Fiberglass is a fairly costly material. Standard fiberglass doors cost more than steel, but less than wood. For a homeowner on a budget, fiberglass is a less-than-ideal garage door material. If you’re hoping to keep your garage door installation budget to a minimum, talk to your contractor about installing a steel or aluminum garage door, which is likely to be far less costly.

Contact Your Garage Door Contractor

Fiberglass garage doors are growing in popularity for a reason! Before deciding what kind of garage door is right for you, know the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass. Talk to your garage door contractor to find out more about fiberglass options and whether fiberglass is right for your needs. Get a quote from a reputable garage door contractor before proceeding with a purchase.

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