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Wondering When It’s Time for a Commercial Garage Door Tune Up? We Can Tell You

Commercial garage doors need attention from time to time. Without regular maintenance and the occasional commercial garage door tune-up, your garage door could start to wear down and may even break.

Some commercial property owners wait for signs that it’s time to get their garage door serviced, others perform regular tune-ups according to a schedule. Below, we’ve listed ways that you can tell it’s time for a professional garage door repair person to visit your commercial property.

Your Garage Door Is Making Noises

Your commercial garage door should be relatively quiet, and more importantly, you should be used to the noises that your garage door usually makes.

If your garage door starts to make unexpected noises that are louder than usual, this could be a sign of unusual friction in parts of your garage door. This could be occurring because your garage door is breaking, or it could soon be the cause of a break in your garage door. Either way, it’s time to get a commercial garage door tune-up.

It’s Been More Than a Year Since the Last Tune-Up

Your garage door should be serviced at least once annually. If it’s been more than a year since your garage door was serviced, it’s time to get a professional back to your place of business.

Remember, your commercial garage door is an important part of your commercial operation. You can’t afford to let it break, so schedule a repair person to come see your door as quickly as possible.

You’re Going to Be Using the Door More Often

Are you changing your operations so that your garage door will get more use now? If your door was largely unused and now it’s going to be used more frequently, have it looked at by a pro – just in case.

Garage door parts can become stiff and worn, even when they’re not getting used. If you’re relying on your door more than you were just a few months ago, have a garage door expert take a look to ensure that your door is up to the task.

Need a Commercial Garage Door Tune-Up? Make An Appointment With Overhead Door Company

When it’s time for a garage door tune-up, contact the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. Our skilled technicians know how to maintain your garage door, identify mechanical problems that could be occurring, and make repairs. Call today to make your annual appointment for a tuneup.

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