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3 Tips to Safely Install Holiday Garage Door Decorations

Holiday garage door decorations can interfere with the functioning and structural integrity of your garage door. You can avoid this problem. It helps to get advice from the experts! At Overhead Door Oklahoma City, we can provide some advice to help you safely install holiday garage door decorations to avoid doing damage to your garage door.

1. Clean the Door First

Installing holiday decorations over a dirty garage door draws attention to the dirt and also causes your holiday decorations to become dirty. Before installing holiday decorations on your garage door, clean the door with a hose, scrub brush, and soapy water.

Use mild detergent to avoid damaging your door, and never use abrasive cleaners. If you need to use bleach, use oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach, as it will do less damage to your landscaping.

2. Use Plastic Hooks, No Nails

If you need to use hooks, use plastic hooks instead of nails. Never poke holes or attach hooks to your garage door – only attach the hooks to the frame around the garage door. When choosing hooks to attach to your garage door frame, look for hooks intended for outdoor use. If possible, buy hooks that are the same color as the trim around your garage door, or buy clear hooks, so they won’t stand out.

3. Explore Holiday Garage Decorations that Keep Your Garage Door Functional

There are a variety of different holiday decorations that you can use on and around your garage door. Explore your options before settling on your preferred decorations. When choosing decorations, remember that some may prevent you from opening your door, while others allow you to continue using your garage door throughout the season.

If you use your garage regularly, take care to choose the right decorations for this problem.


Garage door murals are designed to attach to the garage door and create an illustration, illusion, or attractive image that transforms your garage. Holiday murals are a fun way to dress up your garage for the holidays!

Some holiday murals are designed to stay on the door while the door opens and closes, but you’ll have to check the product specifications when choosing the one for you – especially if it’s important for you to maintain the ability to open and close your garage.

Decorate Around the Door

If it’s important to you to retain the ability to open and close your garage door, decorating around the door by attaching holiday lights or garland to the frame is another way that you can decorate for the holidays without compromising your garage functionality.

Some tips:

  • When plugging in lights, keep the cord out of the path of the door.  The door could damage the cord, or the cord may trigger the door’s safety features and prevent it from closing.
  • Wire-based garland can be heavy, which can drag down the hooks you attach to the door frame. When shopping for garland, take the weight into consideration.

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Get Your Garage Ready for the Holidays with Overhead Door Company

Make sure your garage is functioning for the holidays! Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City for a garage door tune-up or repair.

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