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Tired of Owning a Loud Garage Door? What to Know

Some garage doors are just loud, and others are loud even though they’re not supposed to be. If your garage door is loud and you’re not sure why we can give you some information that can help you decide what your garage door problem is and what you can do about it. Here’s what you need to know about your loud garage door.

Some Older Garage Doors Are Just Loud

Garage doors and garage door openers used to be louder than they are now. Chain-driven automatic garage door openers are a traditional garage door opener type. They’re loud because the chain clanks and vibrates as it pulls the door open and closed.

The longer your chain-driven automatic garage door opener goes without a tune-up or service, the louder the noise becomes – but no amount of tune-ups will make these older garage door openers quiet. It is their nature to be loud enough that they can often be heard throughout the house.

Loud Noises Could Be a Symptom of a Problem

In some cases, loud noises are a symptom of a problem. If you can remember back to the day when your automatic garage door opener was quieter, this could be an indication of a problem. Have your garage door inspected by a pro. It may be time for a tune-up or a repair. There are many problems that could be happening with your garage door which would cause unusual noises.

Loose nuts and bolts and lack of lubrication can cause screeching. A scraping noise could be the sound of your garage door scraping against your house, and that could be a sign that your garage door is off-balance. Have your garage door opener inspected before a small problem becomes something more serious.

Which Automatic Garage Door Openers Are Quiet?

Some automatic garage door openers are made to be quiet. If you’re tired of listening to your loud garage door opener, or if your spouse comes home at odd hours and wakes you up when they open the garage door, then it’s time to install an opener with quiet functionality. Belt drive openers are made to be very quiet. Talk to your garage door installer to find out if a belt drive opener would fit in your budget.

Tune-Up or Replacement? Which One Is Right for Your Loud Garage Door?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether your garage door is noisy by nature, or if it needs attention from a professional.

To find out, contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. We’d be happy to evaluate your garage door and opener, suggest repairs or maintenance that can make your opener quiet, and if a new garage door or opener is needed, we can help with that too. Call today.

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