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Top Reasons to Install Garage Door Insulation

Because of its size and prominence, an attractive, well-designed garage door is an essential component of home design, adding both function and curb appeal. In addition to a “pretty face,” however, modern homeowners should demand more. Garage doors provide access and security for what is primarily a utilitarian space, but they can also help keep heating and cooling costs in check and boost appraised value.

If you’re choosing a new door or replacing your existing garage door, here are some important reasons you should consider garage door insulation a must.

Energy Efficiency

Energy savings is on every homeowner’s list of demands, and for good reason. Garage door insulation is a sometimes-forgotten way to boost the home’s overall energy efficiency. Along with roof and wall insulation, it is a valuable way to help keep interior heating and cooling costs in check, and is money well-spent for a home option that has distinctive advantages.

Quiet Operation

Garage doors may not have a lot of moving parts, but unless the rails and drives are well-balanced and impeccably maintained, the mechanism can squeak, shake, rattle and roll over time and with constant use. While screeches and thumps during opening and closing usually signal a need for professional intervention, even the hum of normal operation can interfere with sleep and disrupt normal activity, particularly in rooms located adjacent to or above the garage. An insulated door helps alleviate common complaints about noise.


An insulated garage door is stronger and more substantial than a non-insulated model. Solid insulation is typically sandwiched between layers of steel or aluminum framing. The added strength and durability make it a wise investment, boosting the home’s value and lengthening the garage door’s lifespan. In addition, an insulated door offers better return on investment when it’s time to sell the home.

Convenience & Comfort

Let’s face it: A modern home’s garage is used for a variety of family activities in addition to serving as a car park and storage locker for a lawnmower and gardening tools. It can be a hobby center, playroom, sports court, or bonus entertainment center as well as all-purpose storage room.  An insulated door makes the space more adaptable to family needs. Temperature extremes can result in damage to stored household goods and mechanical or electronic equipment.

In areas with extreme weather fluctuations, garage door insulation also helps prolong the life of car batteries, and helps assure that vehicles are ready to go when needed, reducing the time it takes for engines to warm up or interiors to cool down.

When you explore your options for new or replacement garage doors, let the professional team at Oklahoma City Overhead Door guide you. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your particular needs.

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