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Going Away on a Vacation? 4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure

When you’re going away on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home and vehicles are secure. It’s important to know you’ve done everything to keep your possessions and your property locked up and safe. These tips can help, so you can go away on vacation with peace of mind.

1. Lock the Garage

Many new garage door openers have a vacation lock feature. Once the feature is activated, the open garage door can be closed one time, and then the garage is locked until it’s opened from the inside. Your garage will be safe until you return home to open it.

2. Put Your Car in the Garage

Whether you’re leaving one or two cars at your house, put them in your garage while you’re away. Cars are safer in the garage than they are on the street.

If you don’t often park your car in the garage, you may need to make room for your vehicle before putting it inside. Plan ahead and clear space for your car, so you’ll have no trouble parking the car in the garage when it’s time to leave for your trip.

3. Secure Car Keys and Garage Door Opener

Hopefully, you never leave your car keys or garage door opener in your vehicle. Iif you do, take care not to do it when you leave for vacation. Instead, put your car keys and garage door opener inside your house, in a location where they can’t be easily found.

4. Put Away Anything Valuable

Does your garage or garage door have windows? If the windows aren’t frosted or tinted, then an uninvited person on your property could see into your garage while you’re gone. Put away any valuable items, so they can’t be seen from your garage windows, or cover the windows to prevent people from seeing inside your garage.

This could mean putting away any expensive tools in your garage workbench. Putting away valuable items just makes your garage less tempting to someone who might want to break in.

If you live in a high-crime area, consider installing a garage door with frosted windows next time you replace your garage door. New garage doors with frosted windows allow natural light into your garage, but don’t allow anyone to see into your garage from the street.

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