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What Garage Door Style Will Look Best on My Home?

Garage doors aren’t usually something you think about until they are a visual burden to your home or need to be replaced. If you are replacing your garage door in Oklahoma City and searching for popular garage door options, we can help! There are a number of key factors that will impact which garage door design will look best for the style of your home.

Choosing a Color

Most garage doors are neutral colors, with lighter tints of white, beige, and grey being the most common. Bolder neutrals, like dark greys or blacks, can offer an eye-catching garage door color option. For a really unique look, choose a bold color, like sapphire blue, deep cherry red, midnight navy, mustard yellow or forest green, to accent your home. You can match your garage door color to accents around the home (like pots and patio furniture), your front door, or other accents on the home (like the shutters).

Selecting a Material Type

Material types are going to hold up differently and provide different cost and quality benefits. But, materials will also produce different-looking garage doors. The most common options are:

Considering Opening Types

How your garage door opens can also be part of the overall garage door look you want. There are several options, though the sectional garage door is by far the most common.

  • Sectional/panel garage doors: retracted with an above opener, separating into panels. The most common garage door type in the US.
  • Hinged/swing out garage doors: Carriage style garage doors and doors on hinges are often found on much larger homes and some owners choose to keep the simplicity and classic style in place.
  • Tilt-up garage doors: A single-piece garage door that opens on a tilt, either remaining outside the garage like a canopy or retracting into the garage.
  • Roll up garage doors: Typically used in commercial settings, the roll up door is often manually operated and locked from the outside when closed.

Additional Features and Details

Fancy hinges, window details, handles, and paneling can all offer a variety of visual appeal that complements your home. Consider the special elements and design details that will work well with the rest of your house for maximum curb appeal. While you don’t want to get carried away with overbearing details, a few cool elements can really add style to the overall look.

Matching the Overall Design Style

Of course, the overall style of the door should match your house. You might want to consider a contemporary style with a simplistic, straight-line design. Older homes will more classic features are likely to pair better with a traditional garage door style. You can check out an overview of garage door styles here.

Find the Perfect Garage Door in Oklahoma City

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