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What to Expect at a Garage Door Consultation

Before you can get a new garage door installed in your home, you will need to have an in-home consultation with one of our professionals. This is also true if you are simply having trouble with your garage door. If you need someone to come out for your garage door issues or replacement, this is what you can expect from the initial garage door consultation:

What to Expect at a Garage Door Consultation

When we come out to take a look at your garage door, the first thing that we will do is ask you what you have been experiencing. This will allow us to know exactly what we should be looking at when we do the actual inspection. Whether your garage door is not opening or closing the entire way or your garage door receiver is not working, we need to know the details so we can fix it properly. Once we know what is happening and how it is happening, we will begin with our inspection. We have a garage inspection checklist that we use so that we are thorough every time. We will make sure that we pay close attention to anything that may be causing the issues that you have described. After we have completed our inspection, we will take time to review the results so we can determine what may be the problem. After we have figured it out, we will sit down with you to fully explain the problem in a way that is easily understood. We will also explain to you your options for fixing the issue in addition to the pricing that comes along with those options. We will make sure that you know what the best option available to you is and we will provide you with our recommendation. While we will ask if you want to schedule a time for us to come back and make the repair, you do not need to make any decision at the consultation. You will not pay anything for this consultation but you will pay for the services that you choose. We want you to keep your home as safe as possible so we do want you to make a decision as soon as you are comfortable doing so but we will not rush you during the process.

As you can see, the process is simple and it is an important aspect of the garage inspection to ensure that your needs are met. We want to make sure that nothing is missed so that when we do make the repair, you are fully satisfied with the results and do not have another issue in the same week because we were not thorough. If you are experiencing any common garage door problems or just want to see what your options are for getting your garage door replaced, be sure to reach out to us today to schedule your free garage door consultation. You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions that you want during the consultation and garage door inspection that takes place at your home.

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