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What to Look for in Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors may look similar to residential doors, but they’re actually a lot different. Commercial garage doors are subjected to a lot more everyday use and wear-and-tear, plus they’re more likely to get dinged and banged from industrial equipment. That means a good commercial door needs to be extra tough as well as functional and good-looking. If you’re in the market for new commercial garage doors, here are the most important factors to consider.


Steel is one of the most popular materials for commercial garage doors, and for good reason. Steel is tough and able to withstand a lot of heavy use and abuse. Steel doors also provide a fair amount of insulation. Aluminum is a lighter-weight option, and unlike steel, it doesn’t rust. However, it’s also more easily damaged, and it doesn’t provide as much insulation. Fiberglass doors have become more popular in recent years, and they’re a good choice for a business that wants a door that looks like wood or has other design characteristics that are hard to duplicate in metal. Vinyl can be a cost-effective option, but these doors tend not to be nearly as durable as metal or even fiberglass doors.


Your garage door is a huge opening in the side of your building, and if it’s not insulated properly, you can lose a lot of heat and cooling energy even when the door is closed. Some garage doors can have insulation added during manufacture. Other materials, like steel, are naturally more insulated than others. Also pay attention to how quickly the door closes. Doors that take a long time to close allow a lot more energy to escape. Think about windows carefully, since windows generally are less well-insulated than the rest of the door.


Obviously, you want a door that protects your property, but there are other considerations too, such as optional burglar alarms, cameras, lighting and even smoke detectors. These can all ensure your doors improve your property’s overall security. Automatic stop features and other safety options aren’t offered with all brands and types of doors, so be sure you understand all your options before making a purchase.


Not only do you need to think about maintaining the door’s protective finish, but you also need to factor in the cost of maintaining the motor and moving parts. Most garage doors have a routine maintenance schedule that needs to be followed to ensure optimal performance and prevent problems. Review the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance guidelines, and also make sure replacement parts are easy to find—and affordable.

And of course, cost

No list would be complete without talking about cost but remember: Commercial doors get a lot of use, so you don’t want to cut back on security, durability and other features just to save a few dollars. At the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we can help you find a door that suits your needs and your budget. To learn about the commercial doors we offer, give us a call at 405-685-2200 or contact us here.

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