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When It’s Time to Call a Garage Door Service Provider: 7 Troubleshooting Tips

Your garage door may seem like a simple innovation, but if it stops working, it doesn’t take long before you realize just how convenient the whole system is — and how much easier it makes your daily routines. While some garage door problems require the expertise of a garage door service technician, there are some issues you can fix yourself. Here are seven of the most common problems — and their solutions.

Garage door is sticking or not opening

This is one of the most common problems, and fortunately, it’s also usually an easy fix. In most cases, all your door needs is some extra lubricant to the full length of the opener. Wipe off the excess and you should be good to go.

Door is leaking

This usually means your weather-stripping is worn or damaged. You can replace it yourself or hire a garage door service provider to do it for you. Less often, it could mean your door needs to be rebalanced for a secure and tight fit.

Door is squeaking

If your door makes squeaking noises when it’s opening or closing, it’s another good sign it needs to be lubricated. Try listening to your door to pinpoint the source of the noise, then apply the appropriate lubricant.

Remote won’t work

It may sound obvious, but the first thing to check is the battery compartment: Are the batteries old or loose? Is there corrosion? If new batteries (properly inserted) don’t fix the problem, try reprogramming the remote (instructions should be in your manual).

Door won’t stay shut

If your door closes but then stops and reopens, there’s a good chance the optical components need to be realigned. These components must line up properly in order for the door to close normally. When they’re misaligned, it sends a signal that there’s an object in the way, and your door’s safety features will automatically prevent it from closing. Make sure the LED lights on each sensor are working; if one is off or blinking, it probably means they need to be realigned, a job best left to a garage door service provider. You can also try wiping the lenses to make sure dirt and grime aren’t blocking the light signals.

Garage door won’t open all the way

If your garage door only opens part way or opens a bit and then closes, it’s probably a sign your springs are worn out. Again, calling a garage door service technician is the best way to make sure your springs are properly serviced and replaced as needed.

The door won’t open at all

If your door refuses to budge with the remote control or the wall switch, it’s probably either a problem with the electrical connection or with the opener itself. Make sure the opener unit is plugged in all the way, then check the circuit breaker to make sure it hasn’t tripped. If the outlet is a GFCI, check that breaker too. If everything looks good, try plugging something else into the outlet to determine if the outlet itself is at fault. If it’s not, it could be the opener motor. Best move: Call a garage door service provider so they can troubleshoot — and fix — the problem.

Not all garage door problems have DIY solutions, and in fact, trying to fix some issues can wind up causing more damage or even void your warranty. If your door isn’t operating properly, you can’t go wrong by contacting an expert from the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ to do the job right. To have your door serviced, contact us today.

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