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Which Commercial Garage Door Works Best For You

A business searching for a commercial garage door has unique needs that set it apart from what a homeowner looks for. While both residential and commercial customers want an attractive and secure garage door, a business often has insurance and zoning mandates that are also applicable and that a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about.
Items to Consider

Keep the following in mind to help you find the commercial garage door that works best for you:

  • Security: Protecting your business’s resources is one of the most important components when choosing a commercial garage door. Purchasing the right garage door and having it installed by professionals provides you with a sense of security which can pay for itself by protecting what lies behind it.
  • Insulation: Energy costs can be one of the largest expenses that contribute to a business’s budget. A properly insulated commercial garage door can reduce the cost of utilities for your business. A new, energy-efficient commercial garage door could even save you money on your utilities when it replaces an older, less efficient door.
  • Durability: Weather extremes can test the durability of any exterior materials, and your garage door is no exception. Strong winds, freezing temperatures and beating rain can also be experienced in Oklahoma City, so your commercial garage door needs to be able to withstand them.
  • Maintenance: While your commercial garage door needs regular maintenance to ensure its safe and efficient operation, the ideal situation is for it to not add a significant amount to your business’s budget. Choosing a commercial garage door that is known for being long lasting and low maintenance helps reduce your long-term costs.


Commercial Garage Doors

Each of the below types of commercial garage doors is best suited to particular applications and industries.

  • Fire Doors: In some cases – whether due to the industry, local codes or insurance – a fire door is required. These doors are designed to seal off an area by closing automatically once a particular temperature threshold is reached. Their purpose is to contain a fire until first responders can reach the location.
  • Sectional Doors: When a business needs a garage door that looks great while providing them with maximum security, a sectional door could be the answer. A sectional garage door is also a good choice if you want to increase the visibility in your business by adding more light. This type of garage door could require a significant investment of the space that surrounds it – a consideration that could make them less than ideal for smaller areas.
  • Rolling Doors: If your business has a limited amount of space, but still needs a garage door that’s durable and that offers security, a rolling door could be appropriate. Manufactured of interlocking slats wound around a barrel, rolling garage doors require only a minimum amount of room to the back, side and above. Service doors and counter shutters are two examples of rolling doors that are popular with businesses.

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