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Why Buy an Insulated Garage Door

When buying a new garage door for your home or replacing your old one with a new one, this is one of the questions you are most likely to ask yourself or your garage door dealer. Many garage door dealers can attest to the fact that “should I buy an insulated garage door?” is one of the most commonly asked questions about garage doors.

If you are not quite sure whether to opt for an insulated garage door for your home, here are a few reasons that may persuade you:

1.    Insulated Garage Doors Help in Saving Energy

This is one key reason why you should opt for an insulated garage door. For many years in the past, people concentrated their insulation efforts on the home’s windows, attic, heating systems and such. The garage was often overlooked and considered as a non-essential part of the house. However, considering that most garages have a room above or adjacent to them, and often have a door connecting them directly to the house, they also need insulation to protect these rooms against extreme temperatures from the outside.
An insulated garage door prevents the transfer of hot or cold air into the rooms adjacent to or above the garage. They help you moderate the temperature in the garage as well as surrounding rooms, hence reducing the amount of energy needed for heating or cooling in your home.

2.    Insulated Garage Doors Have a Longer Lifespan 

Insulation for garage doors makes them stronger and durable than non-insulated garage doors. Insulated doors are constructed differently than non-insulated doors, making them sturdy and able to last longer. They are commonly made of steel or aluminum frames, with solid core insulation materials filled and sandwiched between single or double metal panels. This design and style of construction makes the doors light in weight, strong in design and efficient in saving energy.
Insulated garage doors also last longer because they can withstand harsh weather conditions better. Because they hold less heat than un-insulated garage doors, insulated garage doors are able to maintain moderate temperature conditions within them, hence their components such as springs and lubrication are not exposed to extreme temperatures that can reduce their lifespan.

3.    Insulated Garage Doors Make Less Noise

Compared to un-insulated garage doors, insulated garage doors make little noise. Many old garage doors often have faulty track mechanisms, making them produce annoying jerking or scratching noises. If you have been looking for a way on how to make a garage door quieter, you can consider replacing your old garage door with a modern insulated door. The insulation in garage doors dampens most of the door’s vibration, making them quieter.
However, if a new garage door is out of your budget, consult the best garage door repair professionals in Oklahoma to take a look at your door. It could be hinges, roller bearings, chains, tracks or other garage door components that are damaged, worn out, or in need of lubrication.

4.    Insulated Garage Doors Will Generally Make Your Garage Better-Off

If you use your garage for other things than parking, having an insulated door is better than an un-insulated one. An insulated garage door allows you to control the climate within the garage and therefore you can use it for more occasional activities. In addition, a garage with an insulated garage door helps you protect your car and other materials stored within the space such as paints and cleaning products.
These are some of the reasons why you should consider an insulated garage door over an uninsulated one. For more on how to get an insulated garage door and professional installation services for a bargain in Oklahoma, contact us today!

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