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Why the Impression Fiberglass Garage Doors Make a Great Addition to Your Home

Fiberglass garage doors are an affordable and durable product that can improve your home’s value and make your home more beautiful at the same time. There are many reasons to get Overhead Door Company’s Impression fiberglass garage doors for your home if you’re in the market for new garage doors. When the time comes to pick new doors, consider these factors when trying to decide whether fiberglass is what you’re looking for.

Artfully Molded Wood Grain Doors

Do you want the look of wooden doors without the maintenance? Fiberglass is easy to mold into a wood grain texture that closely mimics the appearance of natural wood. Our fiberglass garage doors look like wood feels. They have the beautiful classic warmth of wood without any of the refinishing, sealing or painting required. No-maintenance, no fuss.


There’s one other way that fiberglass is different from wood – and you’ll love it. Fiberglass doors are more affordable than wood, so you can have the look and the beauty without the high cost.

Are you on a budget? Believe that wood doors really would make all the difference in the appearance of your home? You don’t have to wonder anymore. You can find out more about the way that wood and fiberglass compare here, where we explore these themes thoroughly.

High Insulation Value

Fiberglass has a high insulation value, so Impression fiberglass garage doors are well-equipped to help keep your garage comfortable throughout the times of year when the weather is at its worst.

That means less worry about your extra cans of paint freezing over the winter, and fewer concerns about heat in the summer causing items in your garage to warp or become damaged. Your garage should be a more comfortable space overall.

On a side note, high insulation values can help with sound insulation. Do you have a garage band? Ever wanted to start one? Well-insulated garage doors will be an asset that can help keep the sound in and the noise from the street out!

Won’t Warp, Rot or Corrode

Fiberglass doesn’t rust – it can’t. It also can’t rot like wood, or corrode like any doors made of metal. It simply keeps going, retaining its shape and appearance, without need for a lot of maintenance or repair.

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