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Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage door repair and replacement are one of those household chores that many homeowners prefer to put off. When it’s winter and temperatures are far below freezing, the idea of taking down your existing door for the installation of replacement garage doors can sound downright frigid if your garage is attached to your home. But now is the time to leverage all those tips for curb appeal that call for new and more elegant garage door designs. Spring is an ideal time for overhead garage door services for the following reasons.

Warmer Temperatures

Temperature is a major factor in garage door repair service. Even though these structures are usually poorly insulated and rarely heated, they still create an air barrier that is warmer than the outside air. Opening the garage door even for 20 minutes for car maintenance on a winter’s day can result in a noticeable drop in temperature inside your house. It’s not surprising that even the best deals on complete garage door packages fail to entice homeowners to commit to a major replacement during winter. But as spring temperatures arrive, you have the perfect window for completing major repairs and replacements. Summer temperatures have the opposite effect, by making your air conditioner work harder while the garage door is out for repairs. Spring temperatures are mild enough to have little effect on your home’s comfort level.

Better Weather

Spring can bring showers, but most areas of the country experience at least some calm stretch of weather each season. Taking advantage of a sunny week, or even just a single day with good weather forecasted, can keep your garage dry and clean. Winter storms blow in leaves and debris along with rain and snow. It can be difficult to find a stretch of good weather in the winter, but spring generally offers more opportunities for working on outdoor projects like garage door repairs. The installation crew also appreciates your attempts to schedule replacements around the weather, since it’s easier for them to get the work done quickly when they’re not dealing with snow piles or frigid temperatures that make springs brittle.

Increasing Use

Finally, spring also signals a period of increased use for most garage doors. You likely stayed home more over the winter, but warm temperatures and sunny days are sure to bring the family out to more park visits, shopping trips and events with friends. Having your garage door repaired before you start using it more will ensure the springs, tracks, and other essential components are all ready for the busy spring and summer seasons. If you plan on having guests over the summer, you definitely want your garage door in good, working order before they arrive to avoid any safety risks.

It doesn’t take long to install a brand new garage door or to repair an existing one that has been damaged by winter storms. If winter left your garage door peeling, cracked, or dented, consider making the upgrade to a newer and tougher model. Reinforced and security garage doors are a great option for areas where rough winter storms can damage basic models. Find out how we can make your garage safer and more attractive by contacting us here at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. We’re always available to help a homeowner deal with garage door issues.

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