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Why Try a Smart Garage Door Opener

If you’ve got a smart thermostat and smart appliance, you may be asking what you can automate next. A smart garage door opener may not have been top of mind, but there are many benefits to giving one a try.

Better Security 

It happens to all of us: Midway through the workday, you start to wonder if you left the garage door open. You move into panic mode, imagining that your premium sports gear, fancy hobby equipment, and family memorabilia are exposed to the elements and to a potential thief.

With a smart garage door opener, you can get notifications on your smartphone if the door is left open.  You can then open or close the garage door using your phone for better security. You will also get notifications if there is anything suspicious, say if the garage door opened unexpectedly and you didn’t authorize it.

Let Anyone Into the Home

An attached garage can be a convenient way to let cleaners, handymen, or other workers into the home. You can either open the door on demand or schedule the garage door to open or close at a particular time of the day, so that workers can get in and get out.

With a smart garage door opener, you can open the garage door to grant access without needing to be at home. This allows you to save time and still get the services you need.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind isn’t usually a concept you associate with your garage, until you think about the security angle. Just as other smart home devices let you check in on your home and monitor any potential problems, delivering peace of mind, so does a smart garage door opener. You can check in to see if you, your children, or your cleaner left the door ajar. Notifications sent directly to your smartphone make it easy for you to keep things safe whether you’re at work or on vacation half a world away.

Full Integration With Smart Home Technology 

If you love the simplicity of smart devices for your home, then it makes sense to expand your system with a device to automate garage door access.
Some smart garage door openers even integrate with other smart things. For instance, the smart garage door opener can interface with carbon monoxide or smoke detectors to open the garage door if smoke is detected.

Try a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers are designed to retrofit with your existing garage door opener, which means you don’t need to acclimate to a brand new opener or worry about programming another tool. However, these only work with newer styles of garage door mechanisms. If your garage door is over fifteen years old, then a smart opener won’t be likely to work. To be certain, check what garage mechanism you have and then review the product specifications.

Ready to upgrade your garage door opener or swap an old garage door for a new model? Look to the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™.

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