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Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors

When it comes to replacement garage doors, wood and steel are two of the most popular options. Aesthetics aside, are there advantages to a wood garage door vs. a steel garage door? See below to learn what’s better about wood vs. steel garage doors.

Wood Garage Doors Pros and Cons 

Wood doors have a natural beauty, which many homeowners find irresistible. There’s nothing quite like a wood door when it comes to historic homes. A steel door would look out of place next to a colonial or midcentury home.

Wood doors come with a higher price tag than steel ones, due to the higher cost of raw materials and labor. Additionally, wood doors must be painted regularly for protection from the elements.

As long as wood doors are properly maintained, it’s pretty much a tossup between steel and wood doors when it comes to withstanding the elements and insulating the home. The raw materials in steel and wood doors simply do not have natural insulative properties, which means you will need to add insulation no matter which material you choose.

Wood garage doors may swell in rainy, humid weather, which makes it difficult for the door to easily open and close. If the doors in your home tend to swell and stick in hot weather, then you may have problems with a wood garage door sticking in the summer.

Steel Garage Doors Pros and Cons 

Steel garage doors come in a range of different styles as well and they offer a high level of protection against winds, rain and other elements; however, they’re less susceptible to warping in hot weather.

Steel doors begin at a lower price point than wood garage doors, which is naturally appealing to homeowners on a budget.

Steel garage doors are a perfect fit for contemporary homes, in which metal has often used an accent. Yet there are styles that flatter older homes as well, so you can make a metal door work with your century home. Steel doors can be painted to match your home, but be warned: A painted steel door will require as much maintenance as a wood one.

Steel doors require less maintenance than their wood counterparts, which means no painting or staining. That said, rust is a concern with steel garage doors. Applying a rust-resistant coating can help protect the door, but this coating won’t guard against scratches and dings. Wood can be more forgiving because a fresh coat of paint really hides a lot of cosmetic damage.

Whether you have already decided what type of garage door is right for you or need help making the right decision, we are here for you. Contact the Overhead Door of Oklahoma City™ to answer any questions you may have, get a quote, or schedule a new garage door installation.

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